About Us

Summerhill Woodworking

Mike Cassidy has been interested in working wood since he was just a youth.  

After years of being a self-taught woodworker, Mike decided to elevate his exposure and level of craftsmanship.  In 2009, he began Summerhill Woodworking in Yonkers, New York, serving the greater metropolitan area. 

Summerhill Woodworking’s furnishings have been featured in some of the world’s premiere art galleries in cities such as New York City, Berlin, Buenos Aires & Rome.

Summerhill specializes in the production of Shaker furnishings.   Aspiring to establish a new society for themselves, the Shakers truly embodied the American spirit.  The Shakers were renowned for creating furniture that was both simple and functional.

Summerhill has chosen to celebrate the American expression of freedom and style through the furniture of these unique people. In keeping with the tradition of the Shakers, our simple, yet elegant pieces will complement the décor of any home.   We enjoy offering 100% American styled & American made furniture.  We hope you enjoy it too.